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Featured Digital Artist
Digital Imagery by Allen Gandy

A Dream Remembered Sleep At Stonehenge Pele Personal History Moon Child Psycho-Therapy Lighthouse At Sunset
Click here to see more from this digital artist
Also Information for Author's in Search of Book Cover Designs

Art by Eric Nevatie

The Art of Robert Tracy

Marine Corps Art and Graphics

The Art Work of Joe Kline
Vietnam veteran artist paints helicopters.

Folk Art by Aurence 
USMC Vietnam Veteran Artist

In Country Art - by Norm Bergsma

Ghost of The Nam
Art & Poetry Book by Vietnam veteran Charlie Fortner
Contains poetry, art and stories


Combat Art -by Michael Leahy

DMZ Productions - Military Stained Glass Art

The Gallery by Willy

Bill McDonald's Art Work

Brian Wizard's Art Gallery

Art Gallery
Mark Austin Byrd & Jenelle Armstrong Byrd

Michael Norton Studio

Sirianni Art.Com
Art work of Veteran Ralph Sirianni

Artist Geno Vicencio - (Former POW)


Patriot Art by Steve Keith




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