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Stolen Valor
by Jug Burkett
Permission to Kill
by Brian Wizard
by Steve Vermillion
What Am I Doing Here?
by Jim Kesey
The Cave
by Sam McGowan
 A Spiritual Warrior's Journey
by W. H. McDonald Jr.
Purple Hearts
by W. H. McDonald Jr.
Why Didn't You Get Me Out?
by Frank Anton
Born in Brooklyn Raised in the CAV!
John Flanagan
Silent Reflections
by Naomi Simpson
Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots
by Greg Whyte
A Saigon Party
by Diana J. Dell
Saga of a Student Warrior
by James J. Finnegan
Red Bird Down
by Bruce E. Carlson
Voices From Vietnam
by Charlene Edwards
The Saga of a Saigon Warrior
by James J. Finnegan
Rice and Cotton
by John B. Givhan
C. M. A. C. A Vietnam ERA Trilogy
by James J. Finnegan
Brownwater - Getting out is half the Fun
by Samuel C. Crawford
Lepers and Lunacy an American in Vietnam Today  by Kenneth J. Herrmann, Jr. 
Brownwater II The Adventure Begins
by Samuel C. Crawford
Outlaws in Vietnam
by David L. Eastman
Crossing Place
By Red Deer Writers Festival
Stealth Patrol
by Bill Shanahan & John P. Brackin
Memories Are Like Clouds
by Diana J. Dell
Grief Denied
by Pauline Laurent
Heaven on Earth
by Brian Wizard
Love & Duty
by Ben & Anne Purcell
Ghost of The Nam
by Charlie Fortner
Back in the World
by Brian Wizard
by Brian Wizard
Permission to Live
by Brian Wizard
Good Order
by Dan Dane
A Buffalo's Revenge
by bob Lupo
Angels in Vietnam - Women Who Served
by Jan Hornung
Spinning Tales
by Jan Hornung
Kiss The Sky
by Jan Hornung
This is the Truth as Far as I know..
by Jan Hornung
Global Mom: From A Pioneer Adoptive Family by Lana Noone Sacred Eye
by W. H. McDonald Jr.
Highest Traditions
By Tony Lazzarini
How to Get Healthy & Stay Healthy in an Unhealthy World
By Anita Ursua
The Life of Your Average Aircraft Salesman
by Leslie V. Hubble
The Swan - Tales of the Sacramento Valley
By Andrew F. O'Hara
Cornbread And Dim Sum
by Jacqueline Annette Sue
Wing Beat
by Marilyn Meredith
The Two Dollar Bill - One Man's Year in Vietnam
by Roger H. Soiset
by C.E. Frank


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