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McDonald's Autobiography  "A Spiritual Warrior's Journey"   
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A Spiritual Warrior's Journey : The Inspiring Life story of a Mystical Warrior
by: W. H. McDonald Jr.

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A Spiritual Warrior's Journey : The Inspiring Life story of a Mystical Warrior

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About the Book:

This collection of stories from Bill's life will take you on his search for
love as a child, his search for himself in early adulthood, through the
Vietnam war, and into marriage, parenthood, and now as a grandfather.
Search for your own spiritual awareness, your own gifts, as Bill takes
you through the pains, the loves, the wisdoms, the inspirations, and
the epiphanies of his divinely-guided life.

While reading Bill's stories, I cried, laughed, prayed, and reflected.
Some stories scared me, while others made me ecstatic. Even the
sad stories caused me to reflect on the good that comes from all
experiences, if we only take the time to look for it.  McDonald's love
for life shines  through in each of his stories. From haunted houses to
magical rainbows, heavenly angels to unearthly beings, horrific war
to blessed weddings, out-of-body soaring to helicopter flight, Bill
takes us there with each of his told-from-the-heart tales.

Now sit back, relax, and prepare to run the gauntlet of your emotions
as you enjoy the journey of one man's incredible life...one man who
has touched so many other lives, as he will yours.

From the foreword by Jan Hornung

W. H. McDonald Jr.:

W. H. McDonald Jr., is a published poet and author. He was part of the flight
crew for the Vietnam War documentary film In The Shadow of the Blade. He
is a Vietnam veteran who did his tour of duty with the 128th Assault Helicopter
Company, South Vietnam, from October 1966 through October 1967. He is no
stranger to combat and was shot down several times while flying as a crew
chief/door-gunner on a UH-1D Huey helicopter. He was awarded many medals
including the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart and
14 Air medals. He earned his B.A. degree at the University of San Francisco
and his A. A. degree at San Jose City College .

                 Free Chapter Samples
                             Click on story chapters below

                     Healing Hands

                     Spiritual Armor

                     Answer To A Prayer

                     Life Or Death Decision

Amazing Grace

Cat Angel

The Hitchhiker

Asleep at The Wheel  

                     The Car Crash That Never Happened

                     Out of The Mouths of Children

                     Christmas Lights and Love

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