Cold and flu are common diseases in everyday life. They should be handled as soon as they arise since they may affect your day to day activities.

Herbs that heal flu and cold

HorseradishSwimming goggles

This is a spicy root rich in vitamin C. Besides this it contains sulforaphane and isothiocyanates. These two components deal with congestion. You can grate the root and add vinegar to your desired level. Avoid using it for people suffering from kidney disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and pregnant or nursing mothers.


Astralagus root can be used to boost your immune system for fighting diseases. This yellow root contains compounds useful for stimulating the immune system, increasing T cells production, boosting white cells supply, and promoting antibodies formation. Slice the root of astragalus then add it to your stew and soup when cooking to heal flu and colds. Avoid using this herb when pregnant or nursing.


Basil helps with relieving symptoms of cold, fevers, flu and coughs. Chop fresh leaves of basil and put in an ice tray. Add water to the tray and freeze. This way you will enjoy the herb all through winter.

Black pepper

This is a favorite herb especially in China and it is useful in alleviating phlegm from cold. Add black pepper to your bone broth, and you will enjoy its many benefits.


Cinnamon is useful in warming the body as well as clearing the congestion of the mucous that arises from flu and colds. Cinnamon is regarded as a gut healing food which arms not only the outside but also the inside. It is safe for use as a culinary spice, but it is not good for pregnant women.


Cowslip roots contain triterpenoid saponins that have strong expectorant properties. These properties make it useful in loosening chest congestion and phlegm. These roots can help when you catch a cold. Add the cowslip root pieces to water in a pot and boil. Reduce the heat then simmer for a few minutes before drinking.


This is a traditional medicine often used as a healing herb for children. It is usually effective when taken at the early stages of infections. You can enjoy echinacea in your tea by simmering it in water for a few minutes.


This herb helps with stimulatinherbg perspiration in your system as well as treating fevers. You can serve it with tea or salad to yield its benefits. Like astragalus, catnip should not be used by pregnant women.

When having a cold or flu, get these herbs to tackle them even before consulting your doctor. Also take note that you do not use them unless your doctor satisfies as you may be suffering some disorders.

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