Ways to Surprise Your Spouse on the Bed

Creativity is vital for a happy sex life. We should always upgrade our taste and knowledge about things happening in the adult industry and open our mind to all possibilities. This subject matters if you want to keep your relationship long-lasting.

Try a Kinky Style

Getting into sex is an amusing phenomenon. We all dress up first to sexually arouse our partner, yet we are going to end up in our birthday suit anyway. Let’s accept that fact like the way it is.

a woman in kinky outfitFirst, you can spice up your sex life by adopting a kinky style. Watch some porn videos, and you will see how men are into sexy nurses and women into firefighters. However, hairstyles might also be his/her sexual fixation. In that case, do your hair like how he/she wants it. Make sure they do not look too artificial and can blend nicely with your natural hair.

Bring a Third Person

polyamory stick figuresWhy not get into a threesome? This idea might be too extreme. Thus it is only for those people with open relationships and can accept bisexuality.

Imagine making love in a threeway where you and spouse can lust over the same third person. Penetration should not be the privilege of the males but also females. You can unleash your kinkiest side by using sex toys like the magic wand, strap-on, and even mouth gag.

However, it is better to use a prostitute’s service than to ask a friend to share your partner. First, prostitutes ensure your confidentiality. They are professionals who know the ethics of treating their clients. Second, you will meet your friends in casual encounters. Unless you are sure that things will not be awkward after the threeway, then you can try it.

Play with More Sex Toys

Sex toys are called toys not without reasons. Those tools are made to embrace the playful side of sexual intercourse. Besides, there are no other means to understand our body better than sex.

As stated from the previous section, strap-ons, magic wands, and mouth gags are included as sex toys. But there are others like vibrating panties, butt plugs, and flesh-lights. You should add them to your collection so that you can bring more excitement to your sex life.

You can also surprise your spouse during the intercourse. However, get a hint first whether your love is okay with using sex toys or not because some people find them uncomfortable.

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